President of VALUSHAR

Sigmund Floyd served as Vice President - Asia at Minteq International Inc. (a subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc., NYSE:MTX) from 2004-2008.  His principal achievements include starting up a Chinese manufacturing facility and a new subsidiary in India, achieving significant sales growth in existing and new product lines. 

From 2002-2004, he served in Atofina SA (now Arkema SA, headquartered in Paris) as Vice President - Asia for their Altuglas® acrylic plastics business where he expanded a major production facility in Korea.  Prior to that, working for Rohm and Haas Company over 10 years in various positions, Floyd integrated the Asian assets of US and French companies in a $600 million global joint venture, assessed potential investments ranging from $3-$200 million, and started up a successful grassroots joint venture investment in China. 

Floyd, who has lived in Shanghai for almost 8 years, is a graduate of Tokyo Institute of Technology (B.Eng. 1980) and University of Wisconsin Madison (Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1986) and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.  His areas of expertise include joint venture formation, startup and dissolution, valuation, market entry strategies and designing and managing organizations from a multicultural perspective.

As President of Valushar, Floyd has worked on client projects including resolution of a land title issue, developing a market entry strategy for a sourcing company, issuing quality improvement recommendations for a joint venture in North China and M&A/divestiture advisories.

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